Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What a Cluster F*ck

After I wrote my entry yesterday, the scheduler lady called Larry to let him know that she had double checked with the specialist, and the original scan he had written was not exactly right. With this being said, Larry did not have to take the Magnesium stuff, and instead needed to pick up some Berium from the imaging center to drink 2 hours before his scan. Larry thought this was great as he was not looking forward to pooping his brains out.

We went for his blood work this morning, which is an ordeal in itself as Larry HATES needles and things of that nature. We made it through without him passing out, then went home for him to take the berium and await his 11:00 scan. When we arrived at the imaging center, they looked over the Rx again and informed us that the specialist has specified that he wanted a clearer picture of any stones that may be on his kidney, rather than mentioning the mass (which we are more concerned about). Further, should the specialist really just want to rule out stones, then the berium was no good because it actually hides stones on the CT scan. You can imagine, we were less than happy.

Larry got on the phone with the specialist, who was less than helpful, saying she couldn't reach the doctor, blah, blah, blah. Larry called bullshit and told her, look, we're worried about this mass on my kidney that could be cancerous, HELLO?! After about 10 minutes of back and forth, and me restaining myself from grabbing the phone and chewing her a new asshole, she took down the number for the imaging center and said she was would try and get a hold of the doctor to clarify.

Three minutes later at the most, she called back having already reached the doctor. Unavailable my ass. He confirmed he wanted a regular CT scan with no contract, no IVP, or anything. The problem is, the berium has to exit your body through elimination and this takes a few days. Seriously, can these people not get their acts together so we can figure out what to do?!?

We scheduled the CT scan for late Friday afternoon and we'll hope the berium has passed through his system by then. I am so freakin' frustrated and just want to let the specialist have it for writing such a confusing Rx to begin with.

And this, my friends, is why they call it practicing medicine. Ba dum dum.

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Ballpoint Wren said...

Seriously, can these people not get their acts together so we can figure out what to do?!?

Arrrgh! This is why I HATE doctors and their office staff.

These are people's lives they're messing with, for crying out loud.