Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Taken from The Glamorous Life.

First memory: Being dropped off at the babysitter's and I had to poop, but I didn't know the lady well enough to get my hiney wiped. I remember the bathroom, but not sure what happened after that.

First celebrity obsession crush: Corey Feldman - Such a shame he turned into such a weirdo.

First dog: Strider - A doberman mix

First cat: Poppy

First memory of being jealous: I'm not sure. I'm sure it had something to do with a boy liking someone besides me.

First ‘boy friend’: Jordan Norman in 6th grade. I remember holding hands in chapel and covering it up so no one would see.

First kiss: Jason Elliot a week or so before my 15th birthday. It was nasty.

First date: Movies at Tamara's house with the above nasty kisser. (Fifel Goes West. ha ha)

First sleepover: I was always having friends over and it started in 1st grade. Kerry Sewell would have been my first friend to stay over.

First time attending Sunday School: um, as a baby

First roller coaster ride: American Scream Machine at 6 Flags over Georgia

First favorite brand name: I think Guess, but I didn't have any of their jeans.

First pair of legwarmers: Never!

First huge misunderstanding: 6th grade at our class lock-in. My BFFs got mad at me for hanging out with other people (?!?!) and we were mad at each other through 6th grade graduation.

First cell phone: I honestly don't remember. I remember my mom getting one, but not mine.

First computer: An HP in 1997.

First huge disappointment: I'm sure it happened 6th grade year. That was an emotional turmoil of a year.

First Regret: Not going away for college

First big family vacation: We went to the beach a lot growing up. Probably the first really big trip though with my parents was to Disney a couple of years ago.

First trip to Europe: Hasn't happened yet.

First heartbreak: ohhhh, Robert, Robert, Robert.

First stay in the hospital: 2002 when Peyton was born

First car: Baby Blue Toyota Corolla hatchback. But it had a sunroof!

First license: On my 16th Birthday. The emergency brake didn't work, so we had to take it to the shop first.

First Convertible: Larry's Volvo C70 in midnight blue.

First ‘mom’ car: Ford Explorer

First time on an ATC/Quad: Probably when I was 15 or so?

First job: A gift wrapper for the holidays

First paycheck: see above, or the numerous baby-sitting jobs beforehand

First apartment: in Montgomery. Taylor Crossing apartments, I think.

First house: in Coral Springs, the one we are in now.

First husband: Larry and only

Friday, November 06, 2009


The boys both went as Ninjas for Halloween because they could get swords, but of course by the time Halloween rolled around, Pyton's sword was broken so they had to share Shey's. Oh well. We still had a lot of fun as always. Shey was so in to trick or treating this year and ran right up to every house, even the scary houses. Peyton started off as the moody want-to-be teenager he is, but eventually got into the spirit as well.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween Fun

First you take a pumpkin and you cut it, you cut it, you cut it, cut it, cut it.

The you scoop it, you scoop it, you scoop it, scoop it, scoop it.

The you carve it, you carve it, you carve it, carve it, carve it.

Jack o, Jack o Lantern, Jack o!

Jack o, Jack o Lantern, Jack o!