Monday, November 20, 2006

Back to Square One

We met with the Urologist at the U of Miami this afternoon. He reviewed the scans firsthand without looking at the previous reports and said that the picture of the mass doesn't appear to be clear either way. There are signs that this is just a fatty tissue mass, which would be left alone, and there are signs that it may be more and need to be removed. Also, there are some tell tale signs of a cancerous tumor that aren't there. The Urologist is going to show the scans to the radiologist on staff, who he swears by, and we will call them when we get back in town on Monday.

So, it's not great news, but it is hopeful news. Pray that the radiologist looks at it and says, oh yeah, that's just a wod of fat. Not the most pleasant thought, but better than cancer any day.

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Chelle said...

Praying for an obese kidney and hoping it doesn't get teased too badly, you know how mean those other organs can be ;)