Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stop and Hear

Wow! I cannot believe it has been a month since I last wrote a post. Busy, busy, busy is all I can say.

Sunday morning while I was waiting on church to start, I flipped through my Bible just to see where it would land and it opened right to Jonah. Now, I know the story of Jonah, but I've never actually read it for myself. And while I may have know at one time that there are only 4 little chapters, I had since forgotten. With it being so short, I was able to read the whole book before worship started. I really planned after that to write a nice post on it, but as I said before, busy, busy, busy. I do have to say, though briefly, how much it struck me that God saw fit to make those 4 little chapters into their own book titled Jonah and include it in the Bible. How it was so important to tell the story of one man's rebellion against God and the consequences that followed. And eventually, when Jonah followed the instructions given, a whole city was spared. Simply amazing.

On another note, and actually what I was originally going to post before I just had to share my Jonah experience, is that as busy as things are now, I am trying to pause and enjoy the little things. My new (pre-owned) Maxda CX-9 (LOVE IT!) came equipped with a DVD player, so the boys are just enthralled. Every morning, they wear the headphones and watch whatever DVD has been chosen for the week. Shey, my ever creative, musical and entertaining child, loves to sing and will do so even with his headphones on essentially making him tonedeaf. It always makes me smile though to hear his little voice sing along in that strange way people have when they can't hear themselves to the themesongs. "Power Rangers, Power Rangers hmmm hmmm hmmm" I love that boy. It almost makes up for him telling me "You suck" after I said no to Gameworks after we had already seen a movie and gotten popcorn. And yes, he got a swift swat to the behind for that one. Ah kids.