Monday, November 13, 2006

The Bed Making King

I have never been a bed maker. Even the few times in my life that I have had nice comforter sets, I still never make the bed. I will, when putting up the laundry, drag the sheets and quilt up to make a nice flat surface, but to make it nice and neat every morning would near about kill me. We have cleaning ladies who come every other week and they make the beds. Lately, Peyton has been noticing more when they come, generally because I am screaching for him to pick up the toy room before they get there the next morning and also because in said play room, they will take the toys that Peyton puts aside so his brother can't reach and the ladies intergrate them back into the pile of toys that one day I swear I'm going to go through and throw away half of them. (holy batman, long sentence)

So anyway, back to the bed making. After the girls came last Thursday, Peyton commented on his bed and how nice it looked. You know what, the little booger has made his bed every morning since then. He pulls the comforter up, puts his pillow and the sham at the top, then puts his big Eeyore at the foot. He even goes so far as to spread his baby blanket, with the little teddy bear head, out in the middle. It cracks Larry and me up. The kid won't put his shoes on in the morning without a fight and he still refuses to wipe his own butt most the time, but by god, his bed is made every morning!

I make a point to tell him every day too how great it looks. I'm hoping before long, I can release the cleaning girls and let Peyton take over!

On the kidney front, Larry went for his CT scan on Friday, and the results will be faxed to the doctor's office by Thursday, so I am calling today and trying to get his follow up appt. However, the staff is supossed to return at 2 from lunch, and it is now 2:25 and the answering service is still picking up. Argh! I made him an appt on December 1 with the Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion. He still feels fine physically, which is good. We're both a little drained mentally though, and I'm fighting some sinus mess. Blah.

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