Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yesterday about 11:00 am, I received a telephone call from one of my friends asking if I wanted to go see Sex and the City with her and another friend. Always game for a night out, I negotiated with Larry to watch the kids and started a flurry of texting to our other two friends asking them.

Before I comment on the movie, can I just say how happy I am with our life right now? When Larry and I first moved to Florida together, we had a group of 4 couples that hung out together and had a lot of fun. Two of the couples moved and the remaining one we just don't see that often and Larry and I were sad. About 5 years went by before we really connected with anyone else. Lately though, through various work stuff and my scrapbooking group, we have once again gathered a group of 4 couples. All of us have kids of varying ages and we all get along really well. Our house has become the meeting place and almost every Saturday night, the eight of us plus kids will grill or order out and have a grand old time.

The three wives and a couple others were with me last night for the movie. It was just really nice and I hope the first of many girl's nights we get to have.

As far as the movie goes, if you are a fan of the show, go see the movie! Yes, it was a bit of an extended episode, but really, what would you expect? The dynamics though between the four characters are just so great and they stick together like girlfriends should. The 2 hours and 15 minutes didn't drag at all and there were many tears and laughter throughout. Two cosmo glasses up for me!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What's this Thing Called?

Oh, hello there. Excuse the dust. I really need to vacuum and air this place out. You see, I have been infected with the snot virus and it refuses to go away. This congestion has effectively rendered me pretty much useless as far as extra-curricular activities go, including this here little blog. I drudge through work only to plop down on the couch as soon as I get home. I finally started feeling somewhat better this weekend, but the round of antibiotics left my stomach a wee bit irritated at me, so I'm not only dealing with a stuffy head, but an angry rear as well.

See, too much information. My filter is off.

Anyway, maybe one day in the near future I will be able to form a coherent sentence again without needing a nap. One day . . .

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Marco Polo

Forgive my lack of posting. I have been fighting a sinus infection for a month and I finally got some antibiotics on Tuesday. I am still really congested and exhausted. So instead, a video for you.