Thursday, November 30, 2006


If writing everyday for Napoblahblah didn't make me grey, the events from last night sure added a few. Observe:



One kid looks cute, the other, a crazed lunatic.


As you can see, Shey can actually turn himself into a ghost at will!

So, so close, but the damn dog got in the way and I lopped off Peyton's head.

This one's not horrible, but I finally managed to get a good one of Peyton and another good one of Shey and I photoshopped those bitches together. These are only a few of the about 50 I took. I thought I was going to lose a kid in the process.

And ta da, my month of posting is OVER!


Chelle said...

There's always one crazed lunatic in every family :)

Ballpoint Wren said...

How cute they are! God bless Photoshop, is all I can say.

Actually, the blurry ones are good, too! One of my friends couldn't get her four-year-old to stop screaming for his holiday picture, so she used a picture of the kid with his mouth open so wide you could see his tonsils.

Right below the picture were the words, "Peace on Earth."