Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lesson Learned

Some mornings Shey busts through the classroom door like he owns the place, waving hello to everyone, grinning and carrying on. Some mornings, he pitches a fit as soon as we walk through the door, clinging to my leg and carrying on in a different fashion. This morning was one of the latter days. Generally, when he has these "episodes" I gently dislodge him to the teacher and high tail it out of there. I always hang outside the door for a few seconds to see if he will calm down, and mostly he does. I figure it's like a band-aid, rip it off quickly.

This morning though, Peyton ran to his classroom by himself, so I had a couple minutes to spare. I squatted down by Shey and chatted with him a while. Led him to the table so he could finish his donut (shut up, it's dairy) and just stayed. A few minutes later, the class was getting ready to go outside, and Shey got up with them and headed out the door. He waved, "Bye-bye, mommy!" and off he went.

Well, color me a bad parent. Imagine, my baby just wanted a few more minutes with me, just an extra moment, a hug, and a chat. Oh, how I love that little guy.

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