Monday, November 06, 2006

Can I Biggie Size this Bed?

My dear husband was so kind as to leave me some Chinese food last night knowing I would be hungry after my trip home. And I was, however, it was a bit spicy and I retired to the bedroom not long after eating, only to toss and turn without sleeping. I remember looking at the clock a few times and just wishing for morning to come so I could get the day over with and try the sleeping thing again.

Then sometime in the night, between 2 and 3, Peyton came and crawled in the bed, which normally doesn't affect my sleeping too much, however, I was already awake and he was having a field day with my ear. (Playing with the ears of anyone other than himself is something he has done since he was about 9 weeks old.) Then he started talking in his sleep. I finally dozed off when Shey woke up. Larry brought him to bed with us too, and I tried to put Peyton back in his bed, but he started carrying on and I didn't want to fight him, so he came back to bed with us. There we were, two little and two big monkeys sleeping, or trying to, on the bed.

Ah, it's good to be home.

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