Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We Have a Plan

The Nephrologist (kidney specialist) was able to squeeze us in yesterday, and what a squeeze it was. We waiting 3 hours before seeing him. We're not complaining though, we were happy to get in. Larry even sat patiently, which is pretty miraculous for him.

The doctor had a great bedside manner and explained everything to us, down to the difference between a Nephologist and an Urologist (one treats, one cuts in basic terms). He scheduled another CT scan for Larry next week so we can have a comparison to the first one after Larry finishes the antibiotics. He said it very well could just be a nasty infection caused by the stone that has absessed. He did't promise that Larry may not need some type of procedure or even the kidney removed, but he didn't seemed rushed to operate. This makes us feel so much better. We can handle surgery if it's necessary, but just to jump right on the table freaked us out.

To me, Larry having an infection makes more sense. Just keep praying for us!

On another note, I'm still "training" for my 5k and this morning I jogged 8 minutes before taking my first walk break. Go me! It wasn't the fastest pace, but a jog nonetheless. I may be able to do this without making a complete ass of myself!

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Chelle said...

I go away for a litle vaation and the look what happens. Seriously, though, I'm praying for you guys .