Friday, November 30, 2007

A Big Thank You

I spoke to my friend, Shannon yesterday and let me tell you, your prayers worked! She went in Tuesday for her biopsy and they ran blood work beforehand. Her doctor has a lab on site, so they were able to get the results quickly. Her white blood count is in normal range, so they didn't have to do the biopsy. She has to go in a couple of weeks for a retest, but are hopeful that switching her Lupus medication will be the answer to the low count.

Thank you so much!

And with that . . . NaBloPoMo is OVER!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Holiday Store


This week, Peyton's school has a holiday store open. Last week, I was required to make a list of the people Peyton could buy for, the price range of each gift and send in a check so my 5 year old could shop. When I got home last night around 9:30, I had forgotten that yesterday was his day to buy and was surprised by the little plastic gift bags all over the kitchen table.

As I started looking through them, I smiled at the gifts. Key chains with the words "Mom", "Grandma" and "Grandpa" were purchased for me and Larry's parents. Larry received a coin collector thing in the shape of a basketball. My dad, a wallet (??) and Larry's brother a screwdriver set. It was cute to think of Peyton looking through the store to pick out the special objects.

When I opened my mom's though, I had to laugh.

The African American Nativity Scene

And while it is highly specialized, as mom is the one who helps reinforce the bible lessons he learns and is forever sending him bible books, it just cracked me up that he picked up an African American one.

As I was regaling the story to my boss this morning, after his laughter died down, he said, "Well, I guess it's a good thing that he doesn't see color." I think Jesus, black or white, would aggree.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Going Home Today

Some Kind of Wonderful is a great movie.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 27

Must. Post. Three. More. Days.

Monday, November 26, 2007


This afternoon I went and spent some time with my grandmother. She's been in a nursing home for about five months now and is really doing well there. Better, in fact, than she was this time last year.

Mom has been playing Uno and Chinese Checkers with her, so I stopped by the store and picked up Connect 4. Do you know how hard it is to let someone win Connect 4 without being totally obvious? Very. Also, my grandmother would win, but not realize it, and I couldn't point it out because that's just not the same. So, she would "win" a couple of times, but not notice it and we would keep playing til she did see the four red checkers in a row. But, oh, how nice it is when she does see the win. She would smile and point it out to me and I would mock surprise.

After a few games of Connect 4 and Uno, we went outside to sit on the porch. We talked for a bit, and just sat quietly for a while. It was nice and it's times like these that I am sad I live so far away.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lazy Day

Today we've mostly sat around the house and napped. I've needed a day like this for a long time.

I'm sad that my trip home was under these circumstances, but it has been nice having my parents to myself.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Funeral

This morning was the funeral and it was weird. My grandparents got divorced 22 years ago and my pappaw started another family with a woman who is 5 years older than my mom and had two children that were only a little older than I am. For a few years, I would go to visit them (they lived a couple of hours away), but as I got older and a couple of unpleasant visits, that came to an end. When I moved away from home and eventually to Florida, I would send cards for holidays, but I never received one in return. Mom would tell me happenings whenever she would talk to them, but that was rare as well.

The last time I saw my grandfather and his wife was two years ago.

It's strange, I still cared and loved him, but he has been out of my life for a long, long time, and when mom called me to tell me the news, I was actually surprised about how affected I was.

At the funeral, I felt like an outsider. Everyone kept pushing me to the front and telling me what a wonderful man my granddad was and all I could do was nod. He was wonderful to me, my favorite grandparent . . . 22 years ago.

I felt sad and was moved, especially by the military salute, but I wasn't distraught like his other family.

It was nice that my grandfather's sister and her family was there. I haven't seen them since I was a kid. We went to my cousin's house after lunch and stayed for a couple of hours. I really enjoyed it and I hope we stay in touch.

Most of all though, I'm glad today is over.

Friday, November 23, 2007

In Alabama

My mom called me early yesterday morning to tell me that my granddad passed away from a massive heart attack Wednesday night. I flew into town early this morning and the funeral is tomorrow morning.

It's a very confusing time for me. I'll have to write more on it later.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Asking for Prayers

On this day of Thanks, I am asking for prayers for my friend Shannon. Shannon has Lupus that she has been treating for over ten years and now her white blood count is really low. On Tuesday, she is going in for a bone marrow biopsy to determine what is causing the low count, one of the fears is that it is leukemia. Please pray that it is just her lupus getting worse, which even though not a great diagnosis, is better than the alternative.

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your loved ones.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NaBlo Day 21

I'm here, I'm posting, now I'm going to have a glass of wine.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sigg Water Bottles

Friday, after getting sick of smelling my plastic liter water bottle, I broke down and ordered a Sigg Lifestyle Loop Top Water Bottle in Maharadsha red. The bottle arrived on Monday, and really I couldn't be happier. They are a bit pricey, but considering I drink at least 2 liters of water a day while at work, it is worth it.

It sounds cheesy, but I can't believe how much better the water tastes coming from this bottle rather than my yucky plastic one that I used over and over again. They come with several different tops and Monday I ordered the sports flip top for convenience.

Sometimes items that are all the rage are not really all that, but sometimes, like with this cool bottle, they are.

Monday, November 19, 2007

And the Hair has it

I almost had a cow and then a wreck when I glanced over to my left while driving home the other day. This photo does not do this man's head justice, but it was the best I could do without killing myself.

We had this friend, H in high school whose dad was going bald and he insisted on wearing the most awful fake toupee in the whole wide world (well, until I saw this guy). Everyone knew it was fake and we all giggled over it. There were a few times when we would show up at our friend's house unannounced and all we would see through the side window would be good old Stan flying through the house to his bedroom to plant his hair safely on his head.

H and one of our other friends nabbed the hair one time and took photos in it, which was quite possibly one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.

A couple of years ago, at our reunion, H had some pictures of her family and Stan was there sans the hair!!. It was amazing how much better he looked.

So, here's to you, random old guy driving beside me, Rock on with your bad self!

So Close . . .

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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Watching Grey's Anatomy just isn't as much fun without your best friend.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 17

Day 17 of Nablo blah blah. Tell me again why I sign up for this?

I took an excellent photo yesterday in the car that I will post on Monday to the delight of my high school buddies. Stay tuned.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 16

The temperature dropped below 70 degrees, so I built a fire outside 8 bbbbbm,./ in our fire pit. m (courtesy of Shey) q w While we were sitting by the fire, Peyton s asked me, "how did dad's car fly Pudge to Heaven?" k n I guess g sitting by the fire is in his blood because it brings out the introspective in him.

(Shey was hitting the keys as I typed.)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tales from the Carpool Line

This morning, I decided to wait until 7 am to get up and I decided to apply make up AND dry my hair. You know what this makes me? A late mother. As I walked into the kitchen and realized that we had 16 minutes to get Peyton to school, I yelled at Larry to throw a shirt on, so I could hop out with Peyton as he drove by the school in order to get him in the fence on time without waiting in the god-awful slow carpool lane. (Holy batman, long sentence)

Larry took his sweet time putting on a shirt, but failed to grab his wallet, a mistake which would possibly bite us in the butt later on. As Larry drove ever so slowly to the school (he didn't get the whole "Mother mad dash around the neighborhood" drive), I fidgeted and fidgeted until finally when he stopped at the first stop sign, I grabbed Peyton and jumped out of the car.

I challenged Peyton to a race down the sidewalk (go quick thinkin' momma) and we made it to the gate as the first bell was ringing. I started walking down the sidewalk towards the sports plex, glancing over my shoulder for Larry.

As he drove up beside me he yelled out the window, "Get a move on." I told him to wait till the crosswalk, so I wouldn't be jumping in the car in the middle of the street. Sooooo, as Larry goes to turn into the parking lot of the sports plex, pedestrians were trying to cross. Larry, being the outstanding citizen he is, stopped for the people, WITH THEIR CHILDREN to let them pass. I seized the opportunity and hopped in the car. Oops, that, apparently was a no-no and we heard, "Whoop, whoop" behind us.

Larry looked over at me and deadpanned, "I am getting pulled over for picking you up."

Oh the cop was not amused with our excuses of not wanting to hit the people in the walkway and Larry was stopped already, why shouldn't I get in the car? And on top of that, Larry didn't have his license. On second thought, that probably saved us, because the nice police officer only wrote him a ticket for driving without a license, which is a $7.50 fine, as opposed to hopping in a moving car, which is a $117.00 fine.

Larry has been calling me a hardened criminal all day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I am getting yet another sinus cold flu thing and I feel like crap. Every sound is just vibrating in my head. I told Larry yesterday I didn't feel good (he's out of town) and then he called this morning and asked what was wrong and I told him again I didn't feel good. He made the brilliant observation, "You don't feel good more than you do feel good." Well, Sherlock, I am a working mother of two with a needy husband, what do you expect?

I understand he worries about money and all, but I do too, plus, I worry about raising the kids and running the house and making sure homework is done and spelling words are learned. Plus, Peyton's class has all these holiday projects going on, so I am continously at the store buying things for him and making sure they get to school when they are supposed to. Our house needs a good cleaning out and organizing, so that is in the back of my mind. Also, I am trying to exercise more, which is just one more thing. Everyone is writting about feeding their kids healthier foods, so yeah, one more obligation.

Responsibility is kicking my ass and my mental health.

I think the best part about this weekend with Tamara was sitting on her couch all day Sunday and watching a John and Kate plus 8 marathon. Sometimes I wish I could just do that all day long. Being an adult just really blows sometimes.

Anyone out there taking Monavie? My friend in TX has been taking it a couple of months and says she can tell a difference in her energy levels.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dumbass on a Plane

Tamara and I had a great weekend and Peyton did as well. My parents took him to the park, to see the Bee Movie and to run around Bass Pro Shops all in the span of 48 hours. While at Bass Pro Shops, they bought him a silky alligator pillow that is as tall as he is. Of course, we brought the alligator on the plane with us.

We flew Southwest and lucked out that when it was our turn to board, the front seat was only occupied by an old lady. As I stuffed my carry on bag (clothes from Ann Taylor Loft (shhhh, don't tell Larry)), Peyton's book bag and the alligator in the overhead compartment, the old lady snidely remarked that I couldn't put anything on the floor in front of us, being on the front row and all. I nodded politely (nu-uh, really?) and started getting Peyton settled in. While I was doing that, I sat my purse on my seat. I guess she was a little annoyed and decided she didn't want to sit by us, because she asked the couple to our left if she could sit with them.

After she moved, she leaned over again and said, "you can't put your purse on the floor." Now, I was a little annoyed at her tone and replied, "I know, I'm going to hold it in my lap." She snotily replied to the air, "they wouldn't let me do that."

By now, the plane was almost full, the seat beside me taken and the attendants were getting ready to close the front door. Old grumpy lady stands up, comes over to our overhead bin and loudly says, "well, if they are going to let her keep her purse, I'm going to get mine." and opens the bin. Out pops Peyton's alligator and bops the guy beside me on the head. I almost laughed out loud at the OGL's face has she determinedly tried to fight the alligator in an effort to get her purse and cane.

The flight attendant walked up and asked her to take her seat as she maneuvered the alligator back into the bin and closed the door. The second attendant rolled her eyes and murmured, "I told her she couldn't have the cane." I was glad OGL had changed seats because her purse was big and red and would probably have poked me the whole trip.

So, here's to you, OGL, I hope you enjoyed your flight to Jacksonville pissed off with your old lady handbag in your lap.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Going Home

We fly home today and I feel like doggy doo doo. I knew I should have bought the airborn at CVS on Friday.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I'm having a great time here with Tamara, but I actually miss my kids. Weird. Plus, I think I'm getting sick. Blah.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nablo blah blah

Day 10, day 10 I better win a prize for blogging while my BFF is upstairs making buffalo chicken dip.

Gotta go.

Friday, November 09, 2007


Erika is leaving tonight on a Plane.
I can see red tail lights heading for B-ham.
Oh, and I can see Erika waving good bye.
How I miss Erika
Must be the clouds in my eyes.


My girl likes to party all the time
party all the time
party all the time.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Today, I completed my first lesson for Meet the Masters, a program to bring art to life for the students. I'm teaching a class of kindergarteners and wow, I take back all those mean things I said about Peyton's teacher. Well, at least some of them, she did chose to be a kindergarten teacher.

I wasn't really sure what to expect. Another mother who had kindergarten last year warned me that their attention span isn't that long or great, so keep it short. I did prepare a few things to go over with the kids, but I wasn't as prepared as I should have been. Honestly, I just didn't know what to do or how much. Also, I let the kids get away with too much talking because the teacher kept interrupting to tell them to sit down and be quiet.

It was definitely a learning experience and I think next time will be even better.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lock Down

For any readers out there in the Broward area, (speaking mostly to my Maya's mom friends), if you haven't heard the news, Broward County Schools are on lock down.

A convict escaped this morning from a transport van and shot a deputy the city east of where we live and work. Apparently, he also lives in our city.

This is truly an odd feeling. I know the kids are safe (Shey's daycare is locked as well), but motherly instinct is kicking in to protect the cubs. I have the radio on listening for updates.

Pray they catch this guy quick. There's a picture of him on the linked site.

*Edited to add: The police caught the guy. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gobble, Gobble

Peyton had to make a poster board size turkey for school, so I ran to Michael's last night to pick up supplies. I found these great fall centerpiece things way on sale that we used for the feathers, then I glued felt on top of that for the body and a different color for the head. We then added googly eyes, of course, and a bunch of pompoms for the hangy down thing.

I really love being creative and making things and I wish I could do it more often. I am in such a cycle right now. I want to do all these things like take a photography class, take a sewing class, make some crafty things, but they all take time and money, neither of which I have. I guess it's a leap you have to take if you want to change your path in life.

How do you pay the bills in the meantime?

Monday, November 05, 2007

A Nice Night

Last night, after my excrutiating experience with the esthetician, Larry and I took the boys to Bonefish Grill for dinner. Larry was leery as he had been with Peyton and Shey for three hours that afternoon and they were both whining and carrying on. I armed us with a notebook and 64 pack of crayons and off we went.

The boys were . . . surpisingly good, really good actually, as in we can do this more often good. Shey had fun coloring on the tabletop paper, Peyton completed his word search and Larry and I shared a bottle of wine. Peyton and I also played about a million games of tic-tac-toe and while there were some I let him win, he won on his own almost as often. As we were leaving and on the ride home, I raved over their behavior hoping the positive praise would stick and they would see happy mommy is so much more pleasant than screeching crazy mommy.

Speaking of sticking, our pastor used duct tape to illustrate a point in his lesson on Sunday, The Perfect Church for Imperfect People, which is the second part of a five part "No Perfect People Allowed" series. It never fails when I don't go to church for a few weeks that the message feels like it is directed right to me when I return.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

While getting a Brazilian Wax

my Esthetician and I agreed that I needed my own domain name, and as such, I have a couple of ideas for websites, but if anyone wants to contribute, feel free.

Happy Happy birthday to my best friend in the whole wide world, Tamara. This time next weekend, I'll be with her having a great girl's weekend. I cannot wait.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day 3

Day 3 of NaBloblah blah and I don't really have anything to write about.

If anyone has a good work at home opportunity that will make me some cash, do share.

We'll just let that speak for itself.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Post Halloween Post

Yesterday morning, I helped with the Halloween party and parade at Peyton's school. Let me just tell you, one never appreciates how many children attend an elementary public school until you have to parade a class of 17 kindergartners around the whole building and in front of all the students. I was amazed at how organized the teachers and staff were to make the parade run without a hitch.

After the parade, we played musical pumpkins, which Peyton won using his lightning fast reflexes.

As you can see, Peyton was a Vampire. I think the red eyes were a nice touch. I can't believe that he stayed in the make-up all day. He was especially excited about the blood, although I'm not sure he really got the concept of what a Vampire really is.

After a party at school and another party at daycare, Peyton was not real excited about going out again to Trick or Treat. He told me he didn't want to go and when I said ok, he said, "Will you get me candy then." After I told him that's not how it worked, he decided to perk up a bit and we headed to Larry's parents.

Their neighborhood has a couple of big circles and is full of families, so it's generally a better place to get the loot. Plus, Larry's dad makes cotton candy every year. Who can turn down that?

Don't you just want to put him in your pocket and take him home with you?

By the end of the circle (or the beginning), Shey was done. On the way home, his sugar kicked in and he entertained us by singing made up songs at the top of his lungs. It was totally a moment that could later be shown on VH1's Behind the Music with a narrator in the background, "Even at a young age, Shey was an entertainer."

Hope you had lots of treats and no tricks.