Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Test Scheduled for Larry

Larry has his IVP scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9. This is a detailed CT scan with dye, from what I've read. He has to drink that magnesium crap they gve you for a colonoscopy starting at 2 this afternoon and only have a bland dinner.

I'm getting nervous again. We had both chilled out after the last meeting with the doctor, but with the test looming over us, I feel a little constriction in the chest. And I know it's not as important as his health, but the whole money thing has me concerned too. Our dedutible, then 20% of everything, then if he does have surgery, that will be time out of work. He has about 2 weeks of time, and I guess we could use short term disability if we have to after that. I'm just ready to know already what's going on and what we have to do.

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Chelle said...

Thinking of you guys.