Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spotlight on: Crazy Mama Creations

Let's just pretend for a moment that Tamara isn't my best friend, shall we?

While perusing one of my favorite online shops, Etsy, I stumbled upon this great new shop, Crazy Mama Creations. Crazy Mama, aka Tamara, stays at home with her two children and in an effort to keep it that way, as well as spread the joy she has received from up above, Tamara began making these awesome necklaces that showcase words of inspiration derived directly from scripture.

From Tamara's profile: I desire to bring people one step closer to their Maker in incredibly unconventional ways!

This piece grabbed me from first sight:

Being a beach lover, the blues call to me and the stamped image Refresh is well, refreshing.

The handpainted flowers are also darling.

So cute paired with a white tee or tank and jeans or shorts.

So go check out Crazy Mama Creations and show her some love.

Also, if you leave a comment on Tamara's blog post introducing her new store, you'll be entered to win one of her fabulous necklaces.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

37 Weeks

and feeling a bit jittery today. I've felt over the whole pregnancy thing for a while now, but now that I'm actually close to really being done, I've had a bit of nervous anxiety today. As weird as it sounds, it still hasn't set in that I'm having a baby. It just sounds really strange to me. You would think with the crib being set up and the clothes washed, not to mention my ever expanding belly, that I would get it by now. But no. I seem to still be in denial. The whole starting all over thing is throwing me for a loop too.

A baby. What to do with a baby? Tamara can attest that my emails over the last few weeks have centered around a feeling of overwhelmingness (Yes, I made that up). I keep telling myself it will be fine once she gets here and I know it will be. I'm just not used to feeling so strange and out of control. Taking a somewhat unemotional person and throwing her in to the washing machine of hormones is not a pleasant sight nor feeling.

A good night's sleep wouldn't hurt either. Just need to get through the next week and a half of work.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Boys Room

My good friend, Tamara, reminded me that I hadn't posted the photos of the boys' room yet. I still need to put something up on the walls, but who knows when I'll get to that. So, without further adieu.

Here's Shey's room before.

And here's the giant bunk bed that takes up almost all the room. Oh well. There's a ton of storage and the boys aren't in there much anyway. The boys really liked this one because there are real step rather than a ladder. Plus, the steps are drawers.

I want to put shelves up sometime to give them space for knick knacks and stuff. Also, they have a couple of posters they want to put on the wall. Maybe the week between when I stop working and my due date, I'll get to that.

The baby's room is scheduled to be painted tomorrow and then I can finally get to the room that started this whole crazy house remodel. Nothing like pushing the time limit.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

How much longer?

I am seriously at the point where I feel like I've been pregnant F.O.R.E.V.E.R. I really don't remember what's it's like not to be pregnant, uncomfortable and in pain. Oh and don't forget exhausted.

Waddle, waddle, waddle.

I am just a bundle of joy to be around (ha! Pun intended)

And we still don't have a name set. I just can't pick one that I really like and it's driving me batty. The boys were so easy. I don't know why this is giving me such fits.

After this week, only five more weeks of work. Thank the Good Lord.

Wake me when it's time to go to the hospital.