Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tag, I'm It

Dixie tagged me, so here we go. I have to tell you seven weird things about myself. Six will be true, one will not. You choose the false one.

Larry and I have been "married" three times. The first was in Alabama as after we lived together for 6 months, we were common law married. Second was in a courthouse with just us and a woman justice of the peace. The third was the formal ceremony in front of everyone.

I have a muscle in my lower lip that I can move on command. I've never met anyone else that can do this, and it's only on one side.

I actually like liver.

I hate washing my hands after I go to the bathroom. Gross, I know, but true. (or is it?!?!)

I bite my toenails when I'm anxious.

When I was growing up, i didn't have an imaginary friend, but rather a whole group of friends. We would have contests on my swing set and I always won.

Aside from the group of imaginary friends, I had an imaginary mother who lived in a tree. Whenever I was upset with my mom, I went to "live" with her.

Let's see

and Julie

Tag! You're it!


Chelle said...

Please, please, please, tell me you don't like liver (shudder).

Thanks for the tag, I'll get mine up by Monday, I promise!

Nicole said...

I'm going to go with that one too, I think You don't like Liver. I pray you don't like Liver!!!!!!

Dixie said...

I can believe the liver thing, cus I lurve me some fried liver!

So, please tell me that you DO NOT bite your toenails. I would rather you not wash your hands than to bite your toenails.

Mel said...

Hmmm...I think I'm going to go with the fake mommy.

I'm working on my list. It should be up tomorrow.

Ballpoint Wren said...

I didn't believe the toenail thing!

Really, ladies, wouldn't you rather Erika eat liver than gnaw on toenails???

Ballpoint Wren said...

Oh, and Erika, I'll try to answer this on my blog, but I'm terrible with memes!

Thank you for thinking of me, though.