Friday, February 02, 2007

Holy Sh*t, Batman

My insurance company approved my breast reduction.

I am pretty speechless. On April 12, I will finally get the breasts I always wanted.



Chelle said...

Congratulations!! That is awesome news, insurance companies are usually so sucky about approving reductions as I'm sure you know. Good for you!

Julie Q. said...

Congrats. I can't relate (being one of the "lesser endowed" variety myself) but I suspect you feel really strongly about this. Good luck!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

thats good news, I am still waiting to even ask my dr about mine.. too scared they will (evil insurance) say no

gledwood said...

Good on ya!!!

BTW I'm at feel free to drop by!

all the best now


Dixie said...

You are going to love it! I had mine done in 2001. Best thing I ever did for myself!