Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My (Ex) Boyfriend's Back

(Before those who know me in real life freak out, he's not really.)

So last night, I dreamt about my ex-boyfriend from high school, and as always, this sparks a day or so of mini-obsessing about where he is and what's going on in his life. There will be google searches, and myspace lookups, which will not yield results and honestly, is a good thing. If I found him, then there would be the temptation to contact him, and honestly, that would be a bad thing, or an awkward thing, at the very least a huh? thing. It's not that I would run off with him or anything, but he was a big part of my teenage life and the curiosity is there. It's funny how someone who was once such a key player in the life of Erika is now just a faded memory.

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