Thursday, February 01, 2007

Open in the Front

Yesterday, I went for my annual "Scoot Down to the End of the Table" exam, and man, that was FUN! Seriously, though, what is up with the paper blankets? My dignity has already been stripped, this man delivered both my boys, so he knows my vagina better than I do, is there really a need for the niceties? I guess it would be a little awkward to look down and see another man's head between my legs, but I already feel him there, is there really much of a difference? Will this post consist entirely of questions? When will these questions be answered?

At least it is done for one year.


Sarah said...

That's why I love midwives! Especially the hippie type, then you get homemade soft cloth sheets and everything explained in easy woman to woman term. Usually tea served to you after your exam, and your kids and hers play together in the other room. She usually asks you to stay for lunch and you hang for the rest of the afternoon. These are the happy memories I have of mine!

Sarah said...

yup they do provide exams! Should be covered by your insurance too! Although if you already have a nice rapport with your OB then that's cool too! Your kids are so cute BTW