Thursday, February 08, 2007


I have to admit it, I am a hairy person. Over the course of my 29 years and 10 months (eek!), I have tried every kind of Hair Removal product on the market. For a time, I went to several different specialists in order to have Electrolysis treatments on my chin. They would work for a while, but I never had the money to keep them up long enough. Also, I would have to run home immediately afterwards to put a cold compress on my chin to keep down the redness and swelling. Plus, my hair is STUBBORN like the rest of me, and grew back eventually. I also saw a dermatologist, who wrote me a prescription for a Hair Inhibitor, but it broke my face out and I decided I would rather tweeze the hairs than pop the bumps. Every once in a while I will try a new Hair Removal Cream, but they tend to make my chin all red, and then break out. Double whammy! (More money, more money!)

Now I've settled on a routine of tweezing almost every morning and waxing occasionally. I purchased a wax heater a while back, one reason for my eyebrows and two because it's so embarrassing to ask someone to wax your chin. Look at me though, dangle some money in my face and I'm writing a whole post on it. Times are rough and my dignity is low. ha ha I purchase wax for sensitive skin and it works pretty well. I'm actually pretty good at doing my own eyebrows. (My mom even let me do her's once, but I think she just felt bad for me because I was pregnant and miserable.) So, if we ever meet in real person, don't gaze too long, because I'm sure you'll find a stray hair somewhere or another.

This post is sponsored; however, the stories are all true.


Dixie said...

I feel you on that hairy thing girl! I'm a hairy chic too. Damn those Scottish genes! I wax and pluck and pluck and wax. It sux. It just never stops. I feel bad for my daughter because it's already obvious that she's going to be hairy too.

Sarah said...

I just chalk it up to the fact that we are mammals and mammals have hair! Although I admit I do wax my eyebrows to give them some shape!