Monday, February 05, 2007

Add this to the Reasons

I post an entry about the end of time, and crickets chirp. I post an entry about getting my boobs reduced, and I receive more comments than ever before. Once again, my boobs steal all the attention.

Seriously though, thanks for the well wishes. :)


TSM-terrifically superiorily mediocre said...

Heyyyy *I* commented on your revelation post! However, I did not chime in regarding your breasts. Something about talking about another woman's breasts seems off to me. Yet here I am doing it. Kfah!

I'm still working on getting you that info regarding Post-Millenialism. There are three main "schools" if you will regarding this, anti, pre and post millenialism. I honestly don't think any of them are salvation issues, but it sure is interesting to look into. The net has a TON of info, but remember, everyone has opinions, and some are very strong.

Hope to talk to you soon. Remember, nobody tells you what to believe. That's between you and God.

And either way I think you're cool :P

Chelle said...

The power of boobs compelled us :)

TSM-terrifically superiorily mediocre said...

Thanks for the post!

Hey if your friend is successfully treating it, I'd be interested to know what she's doing. I'm miserable at the moment. My own fault, bad food, too much wine, etc. so don't pity me. Much.


LA said...

Congrats on the surgery. I posted something about the Duke Rape Case and had tons of comments, everything else I post about my daily life, I'm lucky to get one.

BTW...Cute Blog!

Leigh Ann