Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And These Are the Days of Our Lives

Which apparently haven't changed much. I was checking out the section for Days of our Lives on Soaps.com and it appears the same events are happening to the same people in the town of Salem. It's funny, but it's also comforting. My life changes greatly, but not Sammi's. She's still pulling her same tricks. Remember so so long ago when she was trying to trick Austin into marrying her? Now, she's with the brother, who was as mean as she is. Bo and Hope were always my favorites, but not the new Bo, who was there for a while. I was so happy when the old Bo came back, but then Hope had died, or something, and he was with Carly for a while, but then Hope came back. ha ha But I think she had amnesia. Isn't that just convenient how these characters die and come back at will? Funny how those plot lines stick out in my head from watching the show when I was a kid.

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