Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tooting the Horns of Others

I think I am going to quit trying to write my own entertaining blog entries and just start pointing you, my five readers, to entries that are much funnier, poignant or just flat out better than my own could ever dream of being. This entry entitled The Potted History of My Tits is a good one to start with and one we can all sympathize with, except me, I have been grapefruit size come hell or highwater, no matter what. Go, read, and laugh.


Chelle said...

First, I cannot tell you how proud I am to be one of your five readers. Second, you obviously underestimate your popularity. Third, in answer to question, I recently started the Yoga Booty Ballet series. I have since learned that I am not discplined enough to practice yoga or flexible enough to do ballet and, when I shake my booty, I resemble an epileptic, mid seizure. I am sooo going back to the Slim in 6 series which is how I got into "shape" in the first place.

Chelle said...

I cannot tell a lie; Slim in 6 hurts like holy Hell for the first few days. You start with a 30 minute routine and work your way up to an hour. I am also a classic quitter when pain is involved but, I figured, what the hell; I can do 30 minutes and, I just sort of built up from there. On the plus side, you do see results really quickly with the program.