Friday, January 19, 2007

A Buyer's Market

When Larry and I purchased our townhouse in 1998, it was a buyer's market. Interest rates were low, sellers were motivated and we got a good deal. By the time we sold it in 2004, the tides had changed and it was a seller's market. We made a good amount of money on the sale and were able to put a nice down payment on our Mortgage for the house we live in now. The tide has swayed again and it's once again a buyer's market. There is one thing that doesn't change though, and that's the need for mortgages. Whether you need a New York mortgage, California mortgage or a Florida mortgage, like us, the general population needs a mortgage. Even though, most of us need mortgages, there is a difference in the one obtained in New Jersey, as opposed to a mortgage obtained in, oh, Virgina. Before deciding to relocate, one should always check the market and nature of the mortgage where you would like to move.

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