Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy 100th Post!

Having my 100th post on the first post of the New Year, I am affirmed in my decision to get my self back on track. The end of last year was a blur, starting with Larry's scare in October, to testing and waiting with him, to Thanksgiving, Shey's birthday, Holiday parties, Hanukkah, Christmas and finally New Years. Whew! Needless to say, I am ready for life to calm down some. What I'm not ready for is this 5 pounds I've picked up in the last couple of months to hang around my hips and ass like it is now. Blah!

So, this morning, I started the Master Cleanse, which will hopefully knock the sugar, caffeine and cigarette cravings away and I can get back on track. Only 4 months till I turn 30, you know?!


femmesquara said...

i just started the master cleanse today too! and just made my blog here. im about to mix my 2nd 20 oz container of cleanse juice. maybe we can keep in touch since we are doing the cleanse at the same time and i hear that is helpful.

femmesquara said...

im freezing! i didnt know that was normal. ill try the peppermint tea. im drinking lots of water too.and chewing on a straw. i heard its good to wash your mouth out often, as the lemon juice can damage your tooth enamel. if you have any tips, let me know!

SuZ999 said...

Good for you!!! I can barely stop myself from scarfing down chocolate chip cookies all day! At least one of us is being healthy!

Kevin D said...

Congrats with your 100th!