Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Weigh In - One Day Late

Well, if there is one thing I can say about being sick for 3 days it's that I am down a pound and a half. Go not having the energy to even eat!

Last night Peyton was being his usual contrary self. I followed The Pioneer Woman's recipe for homemade chicken tenders last night, which were pretty good by the way and the child still complained about dinner. I swear, he will make an excellent attorney one day. So anyway, I was about worn out from arguing with him about dinner and getting over being sick when it came time to fill out his thank you cards. And so, they went out like this . . .

Thank you for coming to are party.

I just didn't have the energy to fight anymore.


SuZ said...

You need pampering. Come to me and I'll spoil you. :D

tamara said...

Okay - so I have been up five pounds in the past two weeks but have finally discovered the culprit. MARGARITAS. Been two days without one and I have already lost two pounds. So there's a diet idea. And if I was a meany friend like you, I'd point out your typo. But I'll be even more mean and make you find it yourself. So there. ;)

Rebecca said...

I am glad for you, even though you were sick.
I seem to keep going up and up, even though I am eating better and getting on the treadmill. I am going to half to kick it up a notch.

Anonymous said...

Give to kid a break! After all he is my grandson. lol

Love you and glad you feel better.