Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tuesday . . . Tuesday

Peyton learned over the weekend that he could sneak into our room early in the morning and turn the radio on so that we thought it was the alarm clock. Not funny on Saturday morning and not funny again on Tuesday morning, especially when we had 20 more minutes of sleep coming. If it does it again, I am taking the DS away for a week. I cherish sleep. If I could marry it, I would. I want to hug it and kiss it and love it forever and ever.

*ahem* Anyway, the little turd is losing an arm if he tries that again.

Our two admin have been out this week, so I am going slightly crazy and extremely happy to see this day come to an end.

I actually ran some last night and I thought the itching/burning in my legs was going to drive me mad. Too much lactic acid build-up, which really means waaaayyyy too long since I worked out. Back on the treadmill tonight, so I can burn that acid out. Weighed in this morning at 158, so slowly getting back down. I'm getting more focused on my eating and I've decided that I can eat what I want, I just HAVE to stop when I am satisfied, even if it is only a few bites in. Let's see how that works.

And I'm off . . .

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tamara said...

A trip to Georgia and that little escapade to the beach have not been good for my body (for the soul, but not the body!). I have to start from square one.