Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Peace

Saturday night, Larry and I stayed at a friend's house in a little suburb outside of Tampa. Their house is situated on the fringe of at least 250 acres of conservation land and they benefit by having no neighbors behind them, only woods.

Every evening around 6:00, they take an old coffee can full of corn out to the edge of the woods and scatter it throughout the area. After about five minutes, just enough time for the smell of the corn to waft through the area, deer begin emerging. Our friends said that anywhere from 12 to 15 deer come out every night for the feast.

Unfortunately Saturday night, the heat index was hovering between sauna and the firey pits of hell, so we weren't able to sit out and enjoy the show. In between getting ready for dinner, though, I did peek out the windows and watch the deer slowly make their way to the corn.

I'm not sure I could live somewhere so remote right now, but I do think I would like to someday. A place where I could get away from the world, relax, read a book, feed the deer and have some peace. For now, though, thankfully our friends have a great guest bedroom and anytime we are willing to make the four plus hour drive, I'm sure we will be welcome to take a little of theirs.


SuZ said...

I'm the opposite. When we moved to a neighborhood I felt like everyone was just too close. I love living on 24 acres. Sucks they have to sell it though.

Kate said...

I hope to someday live in the country. It just makes me happy.