Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kindergarten is for the Birds

First off, thank you everyone who left comments yesterday and are keeping me in your prayers. I feel better today, not quite so lost, or alone, so the prayers are working.

Aannnndddd, now that I know not only my friends from high school are reading, but their mothers as well, no more drug crazed orgy stories for you! (Don't bother searching Google users, it was just a joke.)

Seriously though, I really appreciate the thoughts and prayers and I am so very glad that our little chorus group has reconnected!


These are the words that Peyton's KINDERGARTEN reading teacher sent home last night for a SPELLING test on Monday. I really don't even know how to begin teaching my son how to spell these words. I mean, really, twelve? How many five year olds know that tw make the twah sound?

I'm planning on making him sit some each day to write a couple of the words, but again, five years old, we all know the attention spans of this age. I know they are not graded, but I just hope he doesn't feel bad for not being able to spell them all.

I hate to see what first grade will be like.


Rebecca said...

I am shocked that they would give you those words. Speaking of attention span, when I took Brooks to open house the other night we were in Monica's classroom. He asked her what something was on the wall, and before she could even go look and see what it was, he was off to look at something else. I don't know how these teachers do it.

Wonders said...

That does seem a bit hefty for five years old!

tamara said...

I would make little cards with the actual number on it and then then word below it. That might help him visualize it and memorize it easier. That's so freaking retarded for kindergarten.

carrie said...

Okay, the teacher will respond. That is CRAZY. That is way too hard. Is he in an advanced school? I will tell you a few things that might help. Studies have shown that if a child has resistance while spelling a word, it makes it easier for them to remember it. Good items to have resistance are: Chalk on a chalkboard, fingerpaint, shaving cream, sand, ect. This makes it a little more fun to do and it may help with the attention span. If it is not a grade, it may help to focus on few to make sure he gets some right. Anyway, good luck with these words!

Des said...

I have exactly the opposite problem...addison knew how to spell cat almost three years ago...yet they keep having him do it over and over and over

Here's a surprise...he's bored. FL has the right idea, testing the kids ahead of time. I wish they did that here.

Chelle said...

Wow. I don't think my kids ever had words that hard at that level. I think it would concern me as well.

Anne said...

When we lived in Maryland my son went thru grades k, 1 and 2. He did not have that kind of thing in Kindergarten, but 1st and 2nd grade homework was really complicated and I could never figure it out. I think that is too much for a 5 year old. I like tamara's idea.