Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy Day After my Anniversary to Me

Five years ago yesterday, I made my very first mark on the blogging world. In honor of that stupendous occasion, I decided to bring you my opening post. Peyton was just over 7 months old, and as you will read STILL not sleeping through the night.

Drugs for Babies?

I'm going to invent Tylenol PM for babies. Think about it. No more accidents due to sleep deprivation. No more crying through the night because your kids don't sleep. Just pop them a pill and out they go.

I think that my son thinks his crib is his own personal hell. Why else would he scream bloody murder every time we put him in it? All those well meaning people just tell me, let him cry, eventually he will learn that it is bed time and go to sleep. We have been. For almost three weeks. He still carries on for at least 20 minutes when we put him down.

Other friends tell me, just bring him to bed with you. We've done that too. He sleeps and I doze. He kicks and I roll off the bed. It's my bed, damnit. I love my son but I don't want to go with him to college cause he needs me to go to sleep.

I could live with this if he would sleep the whole night. But no, he must then wake up at 12, 3, 5 screaming as the flames are turned up and he thinks he needs to make us, his poor sleep deprived parents, aware of the situation.

So baby Tylenol PM is the only way. I'll get right on that. In just a few minutes. Actually the floor is looking pretty comfy. I'll just lay down for a bit first.



Des said...

I remember this entry!!!

Rebecca said...

Can you believe you made it through?!

tamara said...

Isn't it about time for another baby?