Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger

A small percentage of the population can claim friendships with celebrities; however most everyone who has seen a television show, movie, magazine, interview, etc feels a connection with the bigger than life stars. Many of us recall first movies we saw with loved ones, the song that was playing when the first kiss finally happened or the actor who always draws us to the box office.

I fell in love with Heath Ledger after watching A Knight’s Tale. I quickly became enamoured with the leading man and his quest to rise above the life into which he was born. I imagined myself as Lady Jocelyn who experienced the thrill of having a man chase her so unabashedly. My eyes shining with tears as the Prince of Wales bestows the title of Knight to William Thatcher.

Heath Ledger was quickly added to my “list” (you know the one) and I sought out movies with my new favorite actor.

Despite the controversy surrounding Brokeback Mountain, I made it a point to see the film at the theaters and was not dissapointed. Aside from a few raw scenes at the beginning, Brokeback Mountain is a brilliant movie and Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are phenomenal in portraying the struggles their two characters face. Also the cinementography is beautiful and the musical score haunting.

There were other movies as well The Patriot, Monster’s Ball, Casanova and the most recent movie I TiVoed of his Candy, a gripping story of two addicts in love and the struggle that comes with it.

When Larry pulled up Yahoo News yesterday and I saw the heading Heath Ledger dies at 28, I was shocked and saddened. I thought of his baby girl, Matilda, who will grow up without her daddy, his family who lost a son and a brother, and those who knew him who lost a friend. And while his passing may not affect my normal everyday life, I mourn the death of a talented actor.


Chelle said...

I'm with you, so sad. Such a loss of potential. That poor little girl will never know her father aside from what other people tell her about him and what she sees about him on the television.

It's heartbreaking.

I hope they determine that it was accidental and not a suicide. I did hear one report that he was suffering from pneumonia and was possibly using the sleeping pills to get some rest. Accidents do happen when you are ill and exhausted.

still so sad.

tamara said...

It is so sad to see anyone so young pass. I just read that he had been suffering from insomnia since playing the Joker in the new Batman film due next summer. I hope we find that it was accidental. It just wouldn't make much sense for someone with so much promise to take their own life.