Thursday, January 24, 2008

About a Boy (or Two)

Because so many of you are nosey and want to know the sordid details of our fellow seniors that I kissed, here are the stories. Please remember, I was 17 at the time. With all that said, they aren't as interesting as I made them out to be.

I'm pretty sure it was winter time our senior year when the first non-boyfriend kiss occurred. My parents were somewhere for the weekend and I think Robert and I were either on the outs or in a fight. I know I wasn't happy with him and I was feeling bold, wanting to do something bad. ooooooooo ha ha It's funny because when I think back on the incident, I can conjure up the feelings of that night, my restlessness.

I remember that I wanted to loosen my inhibitions, so I raided dad's liquor cabinet, which wasn't that much really, and made a vodka and orange juice. Robert and John M had become friends, so the three of us had been hanging out a lot. Since Robert and I were fighting or whatever, John agreed to come over. He shows up, we're hanging out, I may have had another drink, I don't recall. The next thing I know John was sitting on the couch and I straddled him and then we were kissing. Right after that Tamara and her date showed up and I freaked out. I remember pacing up and down the kitchen and John left. ha ha ha I never did tell Robert about that and I don't think John and I ever talked about it.

The next kiss happened in the spring, I think. Ashley C, Heidi, Tamara and I had planned a trip to Gulf Shores, I think. Ashley and Michael D were friends at the time and Ashley had a crush on him, so somehow he was invited along too. The exact sequence of events is a little fuzzy, but I know that Heidi and Tamara were out at the beach with some guys we met and it was night. I was laying on the bed and I remember hearing Ashley and Michael talking in the bathroom/changing area of the hotel room. I think they may have kissed, but I'm not sure as I was trying to block them out. It was obvious though that Ashley liked him and something was happening.

Sometime later, Michael came over to where I was lying down and was rubbing my back and the next thing I know, his tongue was down my throat. Ugh! I was soooo not attracted to him and did not ask for that at all. Ashley got extremely pissed off and left to find Tamara and Heidi. I was mad because I didn't do anything wrong and everyone was mad at me. I remember Michael and me looking for Ashley and Tamara and Heidi because everyone had disappeared. I'm not sure where we all slept that night, and it was a long quiet car ride home.

So there you go. Now girls, it is your turn to share!


Kristin said...

Now I remember the Michael D. story...and I figured one of them was John's funny that they both seem to have fallen off the face of the earth.

tamara said...

That is so freaking funny!!!! Even funnier is that I was trying to convince big H that she didn't need to make out with some strange dude while Michael was sticking his tongue down your throat. I was actually the good girl back then! And also who my "date" was on the other night in question. Oh to be young and stupid again.

carrie said...

That is so funny! I thought one was John. He was so funny. He was my source of entertainment the time we had to sit with our classes in lunch because we were all getting in trouble. I would not have guessed Michael. Those were the days! Thanks for sharing some 13 years later. Wow we are getting old!

Rebecca said...

That is great! Like Carrie said, I would never have guessed Michael D.
I can't think of any good high-school stories to share. I seemed to not have experienced life until I got to college. :)
Speaking of falling off the face of the earth like Kristin said, whatever happened to Darrell W?