Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Passing on the Pacifier

Monday morning on the way to school I decided, Today is the day to give up the pacifier. Well, for Shey, not me. I find it best to just jump in, make a split decision, and go for it when it comes to things like this. Thankfully, both my children have been pretty accepting to my mad, mad methods of weaning them off various items.

So Monday, I dropped him off at school without the pacifier, and off we went. I guess I should preface this by saying, it seems the last few weeks, Shey has become really attached to this little plastic device that has become parked in his mouth so much that we would rather suck on it than eat the fine meals I provide. It also seems his teachers have been giving into his demands as well, when in the past he would go all day without it. This was especially evident when Larry picked the boys up on Monday afternoon and his teacher commented, "You forgot to leave a pacifier this morning. We had a difficult time at nap." Oops, guess I should have clued them in on the change.

Surprisingly, Monday evening, Shey was more cheerful than he's been in a while, which continued up until his bedtime, at which time, he screamed for about 15 minutes. Which really, isn't horrible. Peyton used to do that on a nightly basis. Shey woke up about 3:45, I gave him some juice and did break down and offer the pacifier then, so I could sleep. When he woke up again at 7:30, I made him leave it in the bed, which he was not happy about, but we survived.

Tuesday he slept at naptime and last night, he went down without a fuss. He did wake up at 6 this morning, but I just got him some juice and brought him to bed with us. He was pissed! He beat Larry's ass for a good 10 minutes before he calmed down and asked for cartoons. It was so early, but at least he made it through the night without it. I'm giving him a few more days before I throw them all away.

Now, if only potty training goes this smoothly.


Ely said...

Hi Erika, i leave my greeting as blog-neighbour, as we have also the same blog template. :)
You're a beautiful mom of two beautiful kids.. ciao!

Ballpoint Wren said...

Heh, Erika! Let's hear it for the mom who suddenly decides, "enough is enough!

Ely said...

I'm thinking about translating some of my posts in my rusty english.. for me it could be a good exercise.. and it will be easier to communicate :) bye!!!

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