Monday, September 11, 2006

A Different Kind of Anniversary

Who me?

It was 6:00 that morning and I had awoken with an agenda. Larry had no idea that there was a little test in the guest bathroom waiting on me and that first morning pee. So, of course, this was the morning that he asked me to walk the dog, and as to not raise suspicion, I did. I rushed Zeus downstairs and let him out for as long as my bladder would allow.

I hurried back to the bathroom, peeled open the foil packaging and read the directions for the zillionith time. One line, not pregnant. Two lines, pregnant. I took off the cap and finagled my body into that lovely trying not to pee on yourself, but rather a little test strip position and let loose. I sat the test on the counter so that it was perfectly straight, lest I disrupt the angle and get a bad reading.

The wetness moved along the strip and instantly one, then two lines appeared. My heart caught in my throat and my stomach dropped. One year and nine months of waiting had just come to an end.

I ran into our bedroom and woke Larry up, who stared at the test like it was a cryptogram he didn't know how to read.

"See, see, two lines."

"I only see one."

Exausberated, I turned on the light, "Ow!"


The recognition dawned in his eyes, and we were both quiet. We laid there together, deep in our own thoughts, planning, wondering, imagining.


Ballpoint Wren said...

Ay, how quickly the time goes by. I remember my pregnancy test: the stick was supposed to turn blue.

When it finally gave me a positive result, Hubby and I celebrated all evening! And now our first born is 17.

It'll go by fast for you, too, Erika.

Chelle said...

I remember coming thisclose to throwing up when I saw both lines and we were TRYING to get pregnant. Both times, even.