Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Blessing

When Larry came back to work for our company last September, they told him he was eligible to earn a bonus for 2005, but his review would not occur to January 2007. We agreed to the terms at the time because really, our company is a good one to work for, and we wanted him back here. I figured the extra 4 months really wouldn't be that big of a deal as far as monetary matters were concerned.

In March, our property taxes were reevaluated at our two year anniversary, and being the first year they were calculated on our buying price, they jumped about $500.00 a month. I tried not to think too much about it at the time, but these past six months have been a little difficult. This was exaggerated by the fact that Larry and I didn't cut out spending right away. Even though we've tried to do better the last couple of months, it still seems we are living paycheck to paycheck.

I've always felt God looked out for us, whether I was faithful to Him or not. Life's always worked out for Larry and me. Somehow the money has always come through.

As my whole profile thing states, I've been evaluating my life lately and trying to be a better person overall, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This included starting to attend church again. I made excuses about going for years, the main one being that I would be basically going alone since Larry has no interest in going, and the kids would be in Sunday School. In May, Larry took me to the Baptist church by the house and I really liked it. The next week, I found out the new guy that started working with us goes there with his wife and kids. Hello Divine Intervention. Since then, I go when I'm in town and my coworker and his family save me a seat, and I don't feel so alone.

After a couple months, I knew I wanted to place membership and as such, I felt I should start offering contribution to the church. (I'm not writing all this as a "look at me", there is a point.) Things are sometimes tight, but I felt it was important and Lord knows (no pun intended) that we spend money on much, much less when we want to.

Tuesday afternoon, Larry received a call from my boss who had conducted Larry's review, (without being prodded, which is a rarity, and also even though it's not January like they negotiated in the beginning) and gave Larry an 11% increase in his salary.

I know God's not going to just hand over life on a silver platter, but I do feel this is a way of Him saying, See, I will take care of you. Our preacher just completed a series on Stress, how to handle it, and how to be done with it. I've grown up knowing the verses which talk about the birds in the air, who don't worry about where their food will come from and God provides for them, how much more so He will look after us. About not worrying about the future, each day has enough troubles of its own, but these were words in a book, that I haven't always put my full faith in. Now though, I've been given a big glaring billboard of my very own.

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