Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tales from the Carpool Line

This morning, I decided to wait until 7 am to get up and I decided to apply make up AND dry my hair. You know what this makes me? A late mother. As I walked into the kitchen and realized that we had 16 minutes to get Peyton to school, I yelled at Larry to throw a shirt on, so I could hop out with Peyton as he drove by the school in order to get him in the fence on time without waiting in the god-awful slow carpool lane. (Holy batman, long sentence)

Larry took his sweet time putting on a shirt, but failed to grab his wallet, a mistake which would possibly bite us in the butt later on. As Larry drove ever so slowly to the school (he didn't get the whole "Mother mad dash around the neighborhood" drive), I fidgeted and fidgeted until finally when he stopped at the first stop sign, I grabbed Peyton and jumped out of the car.

I challenged Peyton to a race down the sidewalk (go quick thinkin' momma) and we made it to the gate as the first bell was ringing. I started walking down the sidewalk towards the sports plex, glancing over my shoulder for Larry.

As he drove up beside me he yelled out the window, "Get a move on." I told him to wait till the crosswalk, so I wouldn't be jumping in the car in the middle of the street. Sooooo, as Larry goes to turn into the parking lot of the sports plex, pedestrians were trying to cross. Larry, being the outstanding citizen he is, stopped for the people, WITH THEIR CHILDREN to let them pass. I seized the opportunity and hopped in the car. Oops, that, apparently was a no-no and we heard, "Whoop, whoop" behind us.

Larry looked over at me and deadpanned, "I am getting pulled over for picking you up."

Oh the cop was not amused with our excuses of not wanting to hit the people in the walkway and Larry was stopped already, why shouldn't I get in the car? And on top of that, Larry didn't have his license. On second thought, that probably saved us, because the nice police officer only wrote him a ticket for driving without a license, which is a $7.50 fine, as opposed to hopping in a moving car, which is a $117.00 fine.

Larry has been calling me a hardened criminal all day.


eeyorespage said...

OMG--that is too funny! I hate the school lines. I drop off two kids and pickup 3. I have massive "school line" rage.

Chelle said...

I wonder what the fine is for hopping OUT of a moving car?

tamara said...

Has it really come to this? I mean, seriously, driving without a license? You and Larry are both out of control. Props to that police officer for a job well done. We need to keep criminals like you off the streets and not worry about those crack whores who are jumping into moving vehicles all the time. (I just had to look up the word "license" in the dictionary because there's no spell-check in comments. I think I am the one with the problem.)

carrie said...

Yeah, our car rider line is crazy in the afternoons. School gets out at 3:00 and the line starts forming at 2:15. Yes, you read that right. It is worth teaching just so I do not have to wait in that line!