Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I am getting yet another sinus cold flu thing and I feel like crap. Every sound is just vibrating in my head. I told Larry yesterday I didn't feel good (he's out of town) and then he called this morning and asked what was wrong and I told him again I didn't feel good. He made the brilliant observation, "You don't feel good more than you do feel good." Well, Sherlock, I am a working mother of two with a needy husband, what do you expect?

I understand he worries about money and all, but I do too, plus, I worry about raising the kids and running the house and making sure homework is done and spelling words are learned. Plus, Peyton's class has all these holiday projects going on, so I am continously at the store buying things for him and making sure they get to school when they are supposed to. Our house needs a good cleaning out and organizing, so that is in the back of my mind. Also, I am trying to exercise more, which is just one more thing. Everyone is writting about feeding their kids healthier foods, so yeah, one more obligation.

Responsibility is kicking my ass and my mental health.

I think the best part about this weekend with Tamara was sitting on her couch all day Sunday and watching a John and Kate plus 8 marathon. Sometimes I wish I could just do that all day long. Being an adult just really blows sometimes.

Anyone out there taking Monavie? My friend in TX has been taking it a couple of months and says she can tell a difference in her energy levels.


tamara said...

I'm agreeing with you about sitting on the couch. That was my favorite part too. And the juice thing, they lost me when they said the only place you could find the berries were "at the top of the palm trees in the Amazon forest". Sounds like a good excuse for charging too much money for it. Like some poor little man has to climb atop the trees and cut them down. Doesn't seem right.

Rebecca said...

When do you find time to do it all? I would love some "me" time. If anyone finds how to do this, I need to know the secret.

winslow1204 said...

I hope you feel better soon. Unfortunately, I've never heard of Monavie...wish I had!!