Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lock Down

For any readers out there in the Broward area, (speaking mostly to my Maya's mom friends), if you haven't heard the news, Broward County Schools are on lock down.

A convict escaped this morning from a transport van and shot a deputy the city east of where we live and work. Apparently, he also lives in our city.

This is truly an odd feeling. I know the kids are safe (Shey's daycare is locked as well), but motherly instinct is kicking in to protect the cubs. I have the radio on listening for updates.

Pray they catch this guy quick. There's a picture of him on the linked site.

*Edited to add: The police caught the guy. Thanks.


Rebecca said...

I can't imagine that feeling! I hope they catch him quickly!!!

Dixie said...

Oh good lord, I hope they catch him soon!

Des said...

We had this happen just a few weeks ago. I remember being in Kindergarten orientation and the tacher mentioning the drills they would learn. Fire drill. Check. Earthquake drill. Check. We did those.....Lock Down. Immediately I felt my heart race and I was picturing some lunatic fifth grader in the hallway with a gun as my five year old was cowering against the wall. Not a good mommy thought. Then, waiting at the bus stop and overhearing "The school is on lock down so the bus will be at least forty minutes late" and my mind immediately went back to that image. It was not a school specific incident, thankfully....a guy had shot his gf and was on foot with a gun...but wow, Lock Down is just a scary, scary thought nowadays. I understand how you were feeling and I am SO glad that everything ended without incident for the kiddos.

carrie said...

We had a lock down last week. It is a very uneasy feeling. It is nice to be able to know that your child is in the same room with you. The entire school was in one location. Glad they caught him and the momma bear can relax!

winslow1204 said...

Golly that was scary!