Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dumbass on a Plane

Tamara and I had a great weekend and Peyton did as well. My parents took him to the park, to see the Bee Movie and to run around Bass Pro Shops all in the span of 48 hours. While at Bass Pro Shops, they bought him a silky alligator pillow that is as tall as he is. Of course, we brought the alligator on the plane with us.

We flew Southwest and lucked out that when it was our turn to board, the front seat was only occupied by an old lady. As I stuffed my carry on bag (clothes from Ann Taylor Loft (shhhh, don't tell Larry)), Peyton's book bag and the alligator in the overhead compartment, the old lady snidely remarked that I couldn't put anything on the floor in front of us, being on the front row and all. I nodded politely (nu-uh, really?) and started getting Peyton settled in. While I was doing that, I sat my purse on my seat. I guess she was a little annoyed and decided she didn't want to sit by us, because she asked the couple to our left if she could sit with them.

After she moved, she leaned over again and said, "you can't put your purse on the floor." Now, I was a little annoyed at her tone and replied, "I know, I'm going to hold it in my lap." She snotily replied to the air, "they wouldn't let me do that."

By now, the plane was almost full, the seat beside me taken and the attendants were getting ready to close the front door. Old grumpy lady stands up, comes over to our overhead bin and loudly says, "well, if they are going to let her keep her purse, I'm going to get mine." and opens the bin. Out pops Peyton's alligator and bops the guy beside me on the head. I almost laughed out loud at the OGL's face has she determinedly tried to fight the alligator in an effort to get her purse and cane.

The flight attendant walked up and asked her to take her seat as she maneuvered the alligator back into the bin and closed the door. The second attendant rolled her eyes and murmured, "I told her she couldn't have the cane." I was glad OGL had changed seats because her purse was big and red and would probably have poked me the whole trip.

So, here's to you, OGL, I hope you enjoyed your flight to Jacksonville pissed off with your old lady handbag in your lap.


Des said...

I had an older woman I sat by on the plane once. She looked so grandmotherly...at first. Not so much. Nasty, snide, snotty old broad. And the thought I kept having is "I feel sorry for whatever kids got stuck with YOU for a gramma because MINE would NEVER be that rude to a prefect stranger"

tamara said...

I wonder how many chidren she raised. That could explain her grumpyness. Glad you made it home safe.

Rebecca said...

That is too funny!

winslow1204 said...

Oh my... gotta love flight stories.. don't we all have those kind too..:)