Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Little Helper

Peyton has had a bit of a talking problem since he started kindergarten. Actually, let me rephrase that, he has always had a bit of a talking problem, but now it is getting him in trouble. I feel a big part of his problem is that a lot of the things they are going over now is review for him. Peyton is not one to sit still when he doesn't have a task at hand. Couple this with his teacher being brand new out of college, and there was a bit of a conflict at first.

After two weeks, his teacher spoke to me about his talking and hitting. We got the hitting under control, thankfully, but Peyton is still running his mouth. His teacher and I agreed that she would send home daily reports so I could keep tabs on his behavior. Now see, while I know my son, I also think his teacher either lacks control of the classroom, or has an unrealistic expectations for these 5-yr olds. On the daily sheets, there is a sad face for Needs Improvement, a straight face for Good and a smiley face for Excellent. Even when Peyton "did well" or "behaved" for the day, she still gives him a straight face. Not once has she given him a smiley face. I take it with a grain of salt, and Peyton is praised for a straight face. I really feel that's all I can ask from him at this point.

Friday, his teacher did finally have a good idea and now when he starts talking or is finished with his work, she makes him the helper. He's very proud of this new job, and I really think it will help him keep his mouth in check. We have a conference Friday, and I think my first question will be, "Just what does he have to do to get a smiley face?"


Chelle said...

This is for Peyton


carrie said...

I have been filling in for a teacher in Kind. for a few weeks. I have not ever taught Kind. as a profession, though I am certified. I was a bit nervous about it eventhough I have a kid 2 doors down. I gave a kid a smiley face 3 days in a row. The mom came in in tears because those were the 1st smiley he had gotten all year. I had no idea. He has gotten several since that time. It is amazing how 1 smiley makes a kid want to please. I will be praying for a smiley!