Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And Your Little Dog Too

Suzy Soro, a comedian, is hosting a contest with funny pics of animals dressed in their holiday finest. I couldn't resist when I went home for lunch taking a couple of quick pics of Zeus. He was amazingly cooperative (much more than Peyton or Shey), I should take pics of him more often.

Dead Christmas Dog

Here is Dead Christmas Dog

Drunk Christmas Dog

Here is Wino Christmas Dog


tamara said...

Zeus is a dog after my own heart. With the wine bottle, that is. I think you should use that one for your holiday cards. Screw the kids.

tamara said...
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tamara said...

I like your new look. Very sophisticated. Trying to compete?

Suzy said...

Dude, did you even send me the one with the wine bottle? I don't think so. Doesn't matter, I jacked it off your site. LOVE it.