Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bragging on Shey-Shey

Shey has really blossomed over the past few months. His vocabulary and comprehension is amazing. He knows all his colors, shapes and can count past 10. What really gets me though, is his fine motor skills. I swear he colors in the lines almost as good as Peyton. I took a couple of videos of him last night doing his "homework." Just look at that concentration. :)

And here he is singing. The first part is a song he made up, but then he falls back to a couple old standards.


tamara said...

He looks more and more like Peyton the older he gets. You forgot to mention that he is 100% potty trained. I just enjoyed hearing Larry's voice in the background. No day (nor phone conversation) is complete without the sound of Larry's voice!

Rebecca said...

Those clips are precious! You are right, he does color good. Brooks (age 4) will bring back pictures from Bible class with NO color on them. I will keep working on him!

carrie said...

Impressive! How old is he again?

Dixie said...

Mr Smarty Pants, that one is!

He's adorable!