Friday, December 29, 2006

Make me a Happy Person

Due to Larry's recent kidney scare, Christmas really snuck up on me. Since Peyton was born, I always send out photo holiday cards, so that everyone can see how much they have grown, and I didn't want this year to be any different. I picked a night to take the boys photos and just went with it. Apparently, my camera does not know what to do with a set of crazy boys.

Example A:
Beware! The blurs will get you!

Example B:
Apparently, my youngest became a ghost while I wasn't looking!

What is a mother to do?!? Finally, I set the timer, threatened the oldest with his life to sit still, and held the youngest in place until the timer flickered, then tickled them both before the camera went off. The end result was two photos, photoshopped together.

x-mas card

While the kids look cute, the photos are oh, so red. What I wouldn't give for a new digital camera!! When I ordered the photos, they arrived even redder. With a new camera and printer, who knows, I could be the next, um, well, some famous photographer! Being bestowed with a new HP camera and printer would make me one Happy Person!

This post is sponsored by HP.

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Chelle said...

Well, I loved your card AND the picture of the boys. Still, I hope you get your printer :)