Monday, January 03, 2011


Today, I feel every day of being six months pregnant. Yesterday, Larry, his brother and I worked in the house from the time we got up (10 am woohoo for late sleep in) till 9:00 last night starting the first phase of Making Room for Baby. The furniture was removed from both the boys rooms, some set aside, some set outside and at least 5 trash bags were filled. I'm not sure if my boys are hoarders in the making, or just lazy. I think it's a bit of both.

Well, Shey is lazy. His room was pretty easy. I sat in there while he came in and out and just threw things away when he wasn't looking. Even when he did pay attention, he was pretty agreeable to dumping things not needed. His room was mostly cleared and we were able to paint it last night. It now awaits the bunk bed we ordered last week before we can really go any further.

Oh, Peyton. He does love to hold on to some stuff. Papers, namely. Some cool picture that a friend made. A cut out animal that looks to be on its last leg. Thankfully, he let us chunk the collection of dried lizards he had accumulated. His room still has piles of stuff to go through, but I just ran out of steam. Larry wants Peyton to go through it again, but I think I'm going to see if I can sneak in there and just do it myself. So much more will get done. I mean, seriously, if it's been at the bottom of a toy box for months, do you really need it? I honestly don't know how we are going to fit all of it into one room. They will definitely have to be more conscious of actually throwing things away rather than just cramming junk under a dresser.

I took photos, but I'm waiting for rooms to near completion, so I can post a room transformation all at once. This should hopefuly start happening in the next couple of weeks. I hope so, my aching hips can't take much more.

***Edited to clarify: Wow, you guys are concerned about the dried lizards. ha We have geckos everywhere down here and sometimes the baby ones will get in the house and if I don't find them or usher them out, a lot of times they will die and then shrivel up. Okay, that is gross, but not really as gross as it writes. So, that's the story behind the lizards.


tamara said...

Excuse me, did you say "DRIED LIZARDS"???????????

carrie said...

I was wondering about the dried lizards! Gross! It is amazing how much you can fit in a room when you need to! We have managed to get Todd's room more roomy than it was before and there are 2 kids in there now (1 queen bed and a crib). I hope you can get things settled soon! I feel your pain.