Tuesday, January 25, 2011

28 Weeks and the Tri-mesters

The tri-mesters in layman's terms:


Holy crap, I'm what?
Oh, I don't feel so good.
Bed, sweet, sweet bed.
Good grief, I'm bloated.


This pregnancy thing is pretty cool.
oooohhhh, just felt the baby kick.
Clean, clean, clean, clean.
We're having a baby! Wheeeeeee!!!


I'm so fat!
Can't. Roll. Over.
Ow, that was my rib.

But mostly, I am so ready to meet this little girl.


tamara said...

I'm ready to meet her, too!!! :)

carrie said...

Looking great! It won't be long until you get to meet that baby girl! :)

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

You are sooo lucky! All I want is a little girl! congrats!!