Monday, January 24, 2011

The Match

It was set to be a match-up of Epic proportions. The number one and number two seed pitted together on a blustery Saturday morning. Both teams were undefeated; however, they had only wins and we had one draw. After coming off an easy victory of 10-0 last week, our kids were a little lackadaisical, appearing almost sluggish on the field. We were missing one of our best forwards and the kids were going to have to work hard to pick up the slack.

The first half was tense. The ball hovered around our goal for almost the entire time, causing our defenders to work extra hard. Our goal keeper was on point though and saved us again and again. The score remained 0-0 almost until halftime till unfortunately two goals got through and we found ourselves down 2-0.

Our players are tough though and that was the motivation we needed. A fire was lit under their butts and we were out for blood. Despite many a call against our team and not very many against theirs, we finally managed to score a goal. Our spirits began to raise and the boys began gunning for more.

Our coach noticed that in an effort to protect their win, the black team had all but two players defending their goal. This would prove to be their downfall. During the second half, the ball stayed near their goal and our forwards made strike after strike. Unfortunately, they didn't go in, but we were now in the zone.

We were finally able to score a goal and tie up the game. While I breathed a sigh of relief, our coach was adamant he wanted "More! More!" and the team began working to grant him his wish.

With less than five minutes left, one of our defenders made an amazing stop and booted the ball to the other end of the field. Our midfielders quickly picked it up and began passing it up to get within striking range. With a mighty kick, the ball went in the goal!

The roar from the crowd would rival that heard round Toomer's Corner not too long ago. A parent frantically asked the ref, "How much time?" and three minutes was the reply. For a long 180 seconds, our defenders worked to protect our goal. Finally, the sweet sound of the whistle blast ended the game. We WON!

The parents were beside themselves, the kids were grinning from ear to ear and the coach was bursting with pride.

Our boys had held it together, even though they were short a couple of players, and had fallen down by two goals. They dug deep and came up with a win. A win that was well deserved and hard fought.

It appears now though that we will have a rather large target on our backs and I think we are just fine with that.

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