Friday, January 14, 2011

Heavy Heart

About a month ago, my friend, Carrie, posted an entry about a former achool mate of ours, Sara, who had just lost her baby due to stillbirth. Obviously, I was touched and I think even more so because she has two young boys already and the precious one she lost was a girl. I just couldn't even imagine.

We then learned that through other testing, they had found a spot on her liver and she was scheduled for a CT scan. This morning, I learned through another school mate that the spot was malignant and there are also abnormalities on her colon. Now Sara is set for a colonoscopy and scheduled to get those results next Thursday, which is also her birthday. She was a grade below us, so I'm guessing she is turning 33.


Even though I may say I feel old, 33 is still really so young. Especially to have cancer. It's awful for anyone to be diagnosed, but it just particularly painful to see a young mother experiencing the horribleness of the disease.

My heart just hurts for Sara, her husband, those two little boys and her family.

I didn't know her well at all in high school, but she always had this true demeanor about her. One of genuine niceness and tender heartedness. She was quiet and kind and I seriously doubt partakes in the offenses of this world that one would think of when linked to cancer. She will definitely be on my heart and in my prayers.

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Rebecca said...

I got an email with that same info this morning. So sad.