Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Weighing In?

Well, yes, I know it has been a few weeks since I conducted my weekly weigh in. I will admit I was a bit embarrassed at first that the weight wasn't moving and also what was I supposed to say week after week? "I worked out twice and ate what I wanted and the weight hasn't changed. Imagine that!"

I guess on the flip side, at least I'm not gaining. . .

Last night, I tried Zumba with a friend at her community center and while it was fun and definitely interesting, it was at 6:30, which cuts right in the middle of the evening. With that, I'm not sure how many of those classes I would make. I may try looking in my city for some classes. I know when I go to them that I actually work out for the whole hour rather than begging off early or just sitting down while watching my DVD.

We will see.


SuZ said...

I lost 3 pounds... Normally, pregnancy + me = weight gain.

Chelle said...

I find that I do a better job of sticking with my workouts if I do them at the gym rather than at hopme as well. I guess I need the motivation.