Thursday, July 02, 2009


Last night, Larry and I took the boys to see Transformers and while it was entertaining and action packed, I was a bit disappointed. I know it was rated PG-13 and may have been considered too old for our kids, but the boys have watched the first one so much and were really excited to see it, that we thought it would be ok. About halfway through, Larry looked at me and said, "Is it me or are they swearing way more than necessary?"

And it was true. For some reason, the writers decided to use "minor" swear words for comedic value throughout the movie. And it wasn't even really funny. In the first Transformers, I don't remember being offended at all and I can't even really think of an instance where swear words were used to "make a point."

And please don't take this as a holier than thou post, because God knows (and I mean that literally) that I don't always chose the best language to express myself, even though I really try to limit it around my boys. I guess my point is that I've always heard that using that type of language shows ignorance because a person is not taking the time to use better words to get their point across. And that's what the writing for Transformers was, sloppy.

I realize it's not some great meaningful movie, but they used ass repeatedly and jokes about male genitalia to get cheap laughs. I guess my point is, the movie would have been just as good and even appropriate for younger ages if it wasn't for the stupid jokes. And I repeat, they weren't even funny.

And don't even get me on the Autobot twins who were ghettofied and served no purpose whatsoever except for more "funny" dialogue.

Anyway, I know I am getting riled up over an action flick that features robots, but it just annoyed me, especially with the price of movie tickets nowadays.

Gah, on that note, Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!


Rebecca said...

You are right.
Brooks got the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie for his birthday. The first word that you hear out of any of the turtles is the "D" word. It was rated PG! I was so disgusted.

tamara said...

There were more swear words in the first one than you remember (I was shocked when I watched it at home - Scott took him to the first one). But I have heard that it is way more in the second. And I heard there was more sexuality in this one too. I think we've decided not to take David to see #2. I don't understand why the movie makers go this route when they know it's a bunch of young boys that will want to see it anyway.

Chelle said...

Yep, more swearing, sexual innuendo and adult humor in the second one. I don't know why Hollywood thinks we are all too stupid to appreciate clean humor.

Have a great holiday!

Kate said...

I really agree. I took my niece to a PG-13 movie, thinking it wouldn't be too bad. I couldn't believe how bad it was, we left halfway through!

SuZ said...

I still have yet to see the first Transformers... I'm so far behind things. :)