Friday, July 24, 2009

Bed, Bed, Wonderous Bed

For the first time in seven years, Larry and I have had the bed to ourselves for a string of nights. While I do somewhat miss the warmth of those little bodies, I have to admit that I am digging having the bed back. If this keeps up, I may even make up some of the sleep deprivation that has accumulated over the years.

On the other hand, I can't believe how big the boys are now. It's crazy that they have become so self sufficient. I am really enjoying these ages. With Shey being able to swim now, we can just hang out at the pool or the beach and not be so cautious all the time. And on the weekends, the boys will get up and find a snack so that Larry and I can sleep in.

Yay for 7 and 4.5!


SuZ said...

It's funny... I was just thinking about this. Ava is at an age where you don't have to be such a helicopter parent and here I go getting knocked up again and have to keep my eyes zero'd in on another baby.

What was I thinking?

Oh, right I remember. It's Jeremy's fault for being so damn hot. :)

Love you!

Chef Penny said...

I know! I really love how independent the children are as they get older. Life is so much different and fun in a different way than when they were babies. Yea, for children getting older!