Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Last night, I took the boys to see Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs in Real D. It's not even 3D anymore, but Real D. And I admit, it is pretty cool even though the tickets are outrageous! The whole movie looks like a 3D set rather than just a few effects that pop out at you.

Every time I see a 3D movie, I remember the first one I ever saw. I had to have been about 7 or 8, maybe younger, and The Mask had been advertised on TV for a few weeks so that everyone could properly prepare by going to certain stores and picking up the red and blue 3D glasses. My parents pulled their mattress out into the living room the night of the big showing and we piled on to enjoy the show.

I don't remember the movie much, just that there was a mask, obviously, and throughout the movie the main character would wear it. This was the audiences' cue to put on your 3D glasses. I remember this spooky voice saying, "Put the mask on now!" For years, mom, dad and I would at various and odd times say in our creepy voices, "Put the mask on now."

I think about memories like that when I do things with the boys. It's not really the big events you remember, but rather the little ones. Fun, family time, like pulling the mattress into the living room to watch a movie or Saturday Night Live, back when it was funny.

What little things do you do with your kids?


Rebecca said...

What a great reminder that it can be the simple things that will leave a lasting impression on our children. Thanks for inspiring me to do something fun with my children tonight.

SuZ said...

Ava and I do tons of silly things that tickle me pink. I love nothing more than sitting behind her while she watches cartoons and I play with her hair.... :)