Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weighing In

Huh, so you mean not working out all week and then eating and drinking all day on Sunday and having a big piece of Death by Chocolate cake on Monday night won't help you lose any weight? In fact, it will show up as a one pound gain on weigh-in day?

Imagine that.

It's not that I even care about the one pound, because I know by tomorrow, or Thursday at the latest, it will have gone away, but that's just the thing. I am good at maintaining, not so good at putting in that extra effort to lose. If I work out, I eat more. If I don't work out, I eat the same. Either way, nothing comes off.

Why is discipline so hard.

This week should have been easy. Larry is out of town and I stocked up on Lean Cuisine, but last night was scrapbooking, Wednesday night, I'm going out with my friend because her husband is out of town too, then Thursday night, we are taking our other friend out for her birthday and then Friday is Peyton's b-day. Whew.

There's always something.

I need another race to train for. As much as I disliked the training, at least I did it then.

Somebody please, come to Florida and kick me in the rear.


tamara said...

Okay - I'll come to Florida. But unfortunately, if I did come, it wouldn't be to kick your ass. It would be to go out to eat and drink beer, which would just make it all worse. But it would be FUN. By the way, I weighed in at exactly the same, which is a miracle seeing as I went out of town this weekend, ate horribly, and didn't take a crap for like three days in a row. Maybe too much info there for others, but I know you can handle it.

SuZ said...

Send me some gas money and I'm there. :)

I'm up to 159 :( :( :(

The sherbert ice cream I just had probably doesn't help either.